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Xbox 360 270 K in May

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The U.S. Retail sales on the Xbox 360 dog 270 in May, in the ITS HistoryAlongside set of NPD retail sales in the U.S. video game for May 2011, the largest number in a year, Microsoft announced the dog on the Xbox 360, the Leadership and sold 270,000 units and Their Competitors family console Increased 39% year-on-year this May, 2010. The dog on the Xbox 360 retail, already in the United States over the past 12 months of 11 best-selling console, Microsoft said. The console, it is now in the seventh year, with myös "step in ITS history, the largest years, 'and Microsoft touted, No Other Console Has Made INTO ITS life cycle and dry landmark seven years. Microsoft says, the company Also Pointed Out That the retail game dog on the Xbox 360 sales of $ 140 million, for beginning this month, and the total retail sales, Including hardware, software and accessories, $ 2.65 million dollars, "in the current generation of game, "Still the Highest. The United States before the NPD retail 10 games, in May 2011, Including the Los Angeles Black Angle 2, web portal, Mortal Kombat, edge, all of theses are in the release he dog on Xbox 360 Looking to the second half of 2011, Microsoft says, dogs on the Xbox 360 Will Become 2011 best-selling console that Provide 'The Biggest blockbuster games, KINECT game and experience, and the film, music and TV together in one place all.

TERA Claw of Destruction Goes Live

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TERA Claw of Destruction Goes Live

Developed by Korea-based Bluehole Studio and published by NHN, TERA Has undergone a massive update Called Claw of Destruction (Destruction or from the Beasts). Actually This is the part 2, please check below Additional information:

Seal Function:

All items are capable of That equipment Enhancing May BE USED TO SEAL. Unsealing items CAN restore the equipment's original state in Tera Account. Brand products are added.

Tera Brand Items and groceries:

Four types of spell books on shuttling Between dungeons are added. The magic powder is added. The Bandage VI is added. The Magic VI Bandage is added.


Strength Heraldry - The first kind with Anger Trigger Sluggishness renamed.
Spirit Heraldry - Changes the use of MP Trust Return from 200 to 50%.
Spirit Heraldry - Changes the use of MP Threat Fluctuation from 60 to 20%.


Spirit Heraldry - Changes to the MP consumption of Rotation plunging from 63 to 25%. Moral Heraldry - Boost the Power of Nerve Distinction by 25%.

Elementalists' Heraldry:

Pursuit Heraldry - The Amount of bombs dropped purification is modified from the first two


Achievements is going to Be obtained by Means of repeated Completing 10 new quests.

The near future Updates:

The Highest-level dungeon Horrible Maze is going to Be open soon. The dye System Will Be officially put on all servers on June 16th. The brand new skills of warriors and Sorcerers Will be updated at the end of July or at the outset of August.

Brian Knox fields a large number of TERA questions

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Brian Knox fields a large number of TERA questions
With this newfangled Twitter that's all the rage nowadays, Tera proves that developer chats could be even more accessible -- and within a 140-character limit! Recently, Senior Producer Brian Knox fielded a grab bag of questions regarding this upcoming action MMO, although he put a kibosh on queries associated with the discharge date and events.PvP, obviously, was a huge topic of discussion, with questions which range from death penalties to open world conflict which starts at level 12 as well as purchasing special items to guild vs. guild battles. In this new political system, Tera gold is more important than before.

Tera's famed political system was another subject for inquiry -- will it be in the game at the beginning or can we need to watch for it? "Day 1. It's up and working now and will also be available at launch," Knox assured fans.Raids are another thing that future players continues to be asking for, and apparently the Tera team reaches least exploring the possibility of implementing them: "We understand how badly the community wants raids! We are looking very hard only at that and it is one of the reasons we have centered on five-man content."